It’s Mental Health Awareness Month, and we’re taking some time to honor things that make us happy and be realistic about some of the heaviness happening around us. That’s what being the balance means to us at this moment. A tv show aptly named “Atlanta” gets all of the love for the characters and the storyline. And can we take a moment to say, Shari is CAUGHT up on the episodes, people! Issues centered around race, blackness, traditions, tragedy, self-reflection, and introspection are gift-wrapped in the script and delivery. Don’t mind us… We’re just a couple of fans gushing over the way the episodes are presented. Watch it for the first time or catch up on a few episodes from this season. Time well spent. You’re welcome. We’d be remised if we didn’t check in with each other after the violent events over the weekend. Once again, a mass shooting is causing us to consider our lives and how they intersect with others. Grief and anguish sit with all of us as we process what’s unfolding. And we’re grateful that we spoke to our dope friend, Ti, to ground us. Sadness is real and you have every right to feel it. But his story is a testament to transforming the trauma and finding authentic purpose after a life-changing loss. What an incredible testimony of honoring your person, their wishes, and their memory. These dope friends have shown up and shown out this season! Thank you to each one for being vulnerable and sharing your truths. Those truths continue to help our dope friends know they’re not alone.
For more details about mental health awareness, self-care, professional help in getting over the hurdles, or facts that can help you or someone you know, go to the National Institute of Mental Health’s site.
We hope the takeaways from this episode and the season are: There’s room for transformation on the other side of what feels like an unbearable reality. You are supported.

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