You’re All I Need

Hosted ByJohari & Lonnell Matthews

The podcast where relationships and culture intersect! Hosts Johari & Lonnell, aka #JOLO, have enjoyed nearly a decade of marital bliss. They don’t have it all figured out, but they have learned to love each other unconditionally and keep faith, family & community at the center of their relationship. Now, with the perfect mix of “sanctified & secular” commentary, #JOLO and guest share their experiences in hopes of motivating others to maintain healthy, balanced relationships.

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Throwback Episode – S2 E6: Stay In My Corner w/ Will & Tiffany Acuff

In this episode Jo & Lo discuss what Pastor Steven Furtick says will “kill your marriage”. They also interview the Acuffs discussing trans-racial adoption, raising kids with disabilities and how to properly dream for your partner. There is also a…

Throwback Episode – That Part 30 w/ JoLo…Friend Zone

In this episode of YAIN That Part, Jo and Lo discuss whether men can have a platonic friendships with females if they are in a romantic relationship.

Throwback Episode – S2 E8: Lets Talk About Sex w/ Renee Burwell

In this 50th episode of YAIN, Jo and Lo discuss that taboo subject for couples, S-E-X, with sex therapist Renee Burwell. Also to warm up the conversation, JoLo discuss the recent social media buzz about a provocative wedding photo of Chandler Moore…

Throwback Episode – That Part 27 w/ JOLO…Make Me Better

In this episode of YAIN That Part, Jo & Lo dive a little deeper into their conversation with Yasmine and Demetric Woods, exploring the topics of leadership and being equally yoked in your relationship.

Throwback Episode – S2 E5: Make It Last Forever w/ Tony Forte & Jennifer Torres

In this episode, Jo and Lo celebrate the You’re All I Need Podcast’s 1 Year Anniversary! For the 1 Year Anniversary Show JoLo get to host their first in studio guest, Tony Forte & Jennifer Torres, who are getting married in September of 2021. They are…

Throwback Episode – That Part 6 w/ JOLO…Married With Children

In this episode JOLO have their kids, Ari and Pilar, as special guest to take a deep dive into parenting in marriage. You never know what these kids might say…

Throwback Episode – S1 E9: So You’re Having My Baby…Jake & Hana Elliott

In this episode Jo & Lo discuss Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallions’ new song “WAP” during Sanctified & Secular. Next they discuss online dating and how a new baby can impact your relationship with expecting parents, Jake & Hana Elliott. Finally, JOLO…

Throwback Episode – That Part 29 w/ JOLO…You’re My Ikigai (Reason For Living)

In this episode of YAIN That Part, Jo & Lo follow up their interview with Kenon Ewing & Trisha Alicia and further explore the concept of purpose in our relationships. Our host couple breakdown the concept of Ikigai and discuss 4 tips to help you find…

Throwback Episode – S2 E4: Say Yes w/ Kenon Ewing & Trisha Alicia

In this episode of YAIN, Jo & Lo discuss spring cleaning for your relationship in Sanctified & Secular. Then they interview the Ewing Universe, Kenon & Trisha, and discuss planning a wedding during COVID and speaking purpose into your partner….