The Scenario Radio Show

Hosted ByVan Johnson, Karla Burnett & B Cov

The Scenario Radio Show is a talk/music program that focuses on centering and celebrating all aspects of the Black experience. Each week the team explores a wide range of topics, including finance, relationships, politics and entertainment in an effort to build community. In addition to real conversation every episode has a dope playlist with songs that tie into the weekly topic.

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The 2021 Summer Preview

We take a look forward at this Summer’s offerings of music, concerts with Marco D. Coleman (For The Love of Good Music) and movies and TV with the crew from Est 1982 Podcast. Plus educator “Ms. Angie” joins us to give tips on managing our kids…

A Seat At The Table

‘Afros & Knives’ Tiffani Rozier joins us in a discussion about the reasons and systems behind Food Apartheid. We find out how Nella “Ms. Pearl” Frierson initiated change in her community, starting literally from the ground up, as she shares the story…

New Jacks N The Hood

In this Upon Further Review Episode, we look at two of the most influential movies of the 90s; New Jack City and Boyz N The Hood. On these “Hood Classics” 30th anniversary, our guest panel joins us to discuss movie trivia and the films impact, both…

Something About Mary

In the wake of 4/20, Team Scenario talks with people in the cannabis industry to find out what it offers the Black community. Hemp grower/researcher Sayyid the Dream sits in with the crew as they interview dispensary owners and policy activists on the…

Black Enough: Who Decides Our Racial Identity?

In this episode we explore the ways ideas about racial identity are often imposed on people of color by both Black and white society. Country artist Larysa Jaye shares her experience as an African American performer in an unusual genre….

Sometimes It Snows In April

On the 5th anniversary of Prince’s untimely death, Team Scenario celebrates his music in a freestyle episode featuring the founder of The Black Male Archives, Rodney Freeman and the host of TruTalks Podcast, Tranyce Bryant.

Inside My DNA

In this week’s episode we take it to a microbial level, and find out why genetic testing may be good for your health with Dr. Altovise Ewing and genealogist, Taneya Koonce helps us understand how to dig deeper into our family history. Plus we’re…

The 2000s R&B Women’s Countdown

It’s our first countdown of the year!

We launched our survey and YOU decided who reigns supreme as the greatest diva’s of 2000’s R&B. Toya Haynes (The First Time I Heard) and the crew from Oversaturated: The Podcast joins us to talk about this era of…