The Scenario Radio Show

Hosted ByVan Johnson, Karla Burnett & B Cov

The Scenario Radio Show is a talk/music program that focuses on centering and celebrating all aspects of the Black experience. Each week the team explores a wide range of topics, including finance, relationships, politics and entertainment in an effort to build community. In addition to real conversation every episode has a dope playlist with songs that tie into the weekly topic.

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The Miseducation

We sit down with educators to discuss how to build institutions that serve Black students best interests. This episode’s playlist includes our favorite songs from our senior year of high school.

Guests Include
Sonceria Radford – Co-Founder and…

The Black Love Mixtape

Team Scenario celebrates Valentine’s Day by exploring the music that helps define our relationships.

>We learn 5 Fast Facts about Black Love Day

>Klue and Pisces (Let’s Try This Again Podcast) talk about eloping and podcasting through…

Something Just Ain’t Right (The Red Flag Episode)

Former ‘Flavor of Love’ alum, Tykeisha Thomas joins us to discuss her book, “Narcissist Traps”, and explore the concept of relationship Red Flags.

The Men of 2000’s R&B Countdown

The 2000s were rich with classic R&B. On this episode we remember many of the greatest male artists of the decade, based on listener votes. Toya Haynes (The First Time I Heard / The Aftershow Afterparty) and Johnnie & Ralph from Oversaturated: The…

The N Word (Part Two)

In the second part of our discussion on the cultural impact of the “N-Word”, the crew is joined by friend of the show/Cultural critic, Rico X.

The N Word (Part One)

In this edition of The Scenario’s “In A Word” series, a special panel examines their relationship with America’s most controversial term; the “N Word”, its history, and its place in all aspects of American culture.

Hotter Than July

On this “Live From The Archives” episode, Team Scenario is serving up a little bit of Summer in the dead of Winter. Dr. Latifah and Ya Za join us in-studio to talk about the More Food, Less Tea Podcast, and counselor Chemyeeka Tumblin helps us to…

Take Care: Why Black Men’s Health Matters

Why do Black men often avoid regular doctor’s visits?
When is it time to see a therapist?
Why are vasectomies good for men AND women?
This week we answer these questions and explore why it’s important for men to take care of their physical, mental and…

2021: “The Year Of…”

Team Scenario takes one last look back at 2021. Amahl Miller (Xennial Cinephile) sums up the year’s movies and TV, while Kia Jarmon (MEPR Agency) tackles how we experienced culture. We’ve got a 2021 edition of Win Some/Lose Some, plus the Pull Up…