Tech Don’t Sleep

Hosted ByBill McCleskey, Eddie Jones, Barbie Evans & Cearra Casem

Tech Don’t Sleep is a new tech podcast featuring tech entrepreneurs, tech thought leaders, tech news, and tech ideas to help you grow your business using tech. Did we mention TECH too much??!! Host Bill McCleskey, along with his collection of co-hosts, dive into the world of technology and how it can be used effectively to attract new clients and establish a worthwhile brand. We’ll chat with experts and influencers from various industries like music, healthcare, crypto, marketing, sports, and more. We’ll also discuss how tech has impacted these fields for the better or worse. More importantly, each episode will include tech news items and practical takeaways for small business owners to use to help their business grow. This Podcast is powered by Mitech Partners based in Nashville, Tennessee.

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Ep6. Domonique Townsend Founder of Optimize Your Work

Domonique Townsend, founder of Optimize Your Work, with guest host, Karen Williams of Mintech Agency, discuss the challenges black women face when working to penetrate the technology sector as professionals and entrepreneurs.

Optimize Your Work…

Episode 5. Dawei Li, Co-founder of Aloa.Co

Bill McCleskey chats with Dawei Li, co-founder of
Dawei Li goes into detail about his travels to the United States from China as a child, starting multiple businesses as a student at Vanderbilt University, his short time as a Lyft driver…

Episode 4. Aireka Harvell Founder of Nodat

Your favorite TechDontSleep Podcast Host, Bill McCleskey & Co Host Eddie Jones, are back with another epic episode featuring a special guest Aireka Harvell the founder of!

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Episode 3. Trinity Wiles, founder of Where and Share

In this episode the ladies of TechDontSleep, Barbie and Cearra sit down with Trinity Wiles, the founder of Where and Share. Trinity gives us insight on this cool concept that will revolutionize
the fashion industry. Make sure you check out our…

Introducing the Blues Brothers of TDS

Bill and Ed aka The Blues Brothers of TDS rant on various topics from Jay Z and Serena Williams investing 19 million into a NFT platform, why gas prices went through the roof ,and how cybersecurity or the lack there of was the cause of it, plus a lot…

Episode 1. Haley Zapolski, Program Director/Nashville Entrepreneur Center

In this episode we talk to Haley Zapolski, affectionately known as Zap, the Program Manager at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center. We dive into her role at the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, her controversial childhood crush, Zap’s love for technology,…

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We are giving you a small sample of what to come. This is a tech podcast like no other!