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Welcome to Marcus Whitney’s Audio Universe! I have various shows that I publish on my podcast, so when you subscribe you will get access to all of the shows. The topics are always around Creative Power’s™ pillars of Wellbeing, Innovation, Drive, and Entrepreneurship. Shows include Marcus Whitney LIVE, The #CreativePower Hour, Coffee and Content, and Practicing Purpose.  Marcus Whitney’s Audio Universe is available on iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotifyiHeartRadioTuneIn and Soundcloud!

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E131: The Beauty of Brokeness with Zak Williams – #MWL 63

Today on #MWL my guest is entrepreneur and mental health advocate, Zak Williams. We talk about his new business PYM, his path to launching it, and the opportunity for entrepreneurs in the mental health space.

E130: The Beautiful Game and The Diaspora with Drake Hills – #MWL 62

Today on #MWL my guest is Drake Hills, beat writer for Nashville SC at The Tennessean / USA Today. We talk about soccer, the Black experience in soccer in America, and how times are changing.

E129: Fatherhood is One Helluva Drug with Aaron McGee – #MWL 61

Today on #MWL my guest is Aaron McGee, creator and host of Fatherhood is Dope. Aaron shares with us the importance of building a community of fathers both within the social media space and in real life.

E128: Industrial Strength Marketing with James Soto – #MWL 60

#MWL welcomes the founder and CEO of Industrial Strength Marketing, James Soto. James has run a focused, successful agency aimed at helping manufacturers leverage marketing as a strength in there business for almost 20 years. He shares how aligning…

E127: Move Fast and Break Molds with Candice Cook – #MWL 59

#MWL welcomes an innovative lawyer who doesn’t let the legacy of the profession define how she moves, Candice S. Cook. Candice is a true entrepreneur, operating her law firm for over a decade, bringing legal strategy to the core operations of the…

E126: Becoming the Quintessential Studmuffin with Joel Gertner – #MWL 57

#MWL welcomes the Quintessential StudMuffin from Extreme Championship Wrestling, Joel Gertner. Joel shares how he made his childhood dream of working in Professional Wrestling in a game-changing promotion, and how today he trades options and continues…

E125: It’s About Damn Time with Arlan Hamilton – #MWL 56

Arlan Hamilton joins me on #MWL today. We will talk about her new book, “It’s About Damn Time”, the VC firm she started, @Backstage_Cap, and their new syndicate, “Backstage Crowd”

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E124: Unlocking 3 Trillion Dollars with Diversity with Rod Robinson – #MWL Ep. 55

Today on #MWL my guest is Rod Robinson, entrepreneur and executive at Coupa Software. We talk about launching and exiting tech companies, supplier diversity, and how he is working on making the 2T of managed supplier spend at Coupa more inclusive.

E123: Farm Inside for the Future with Rob Laing – #MWL Ep. 54

Today on #MWL my guest is Rob Laing, CEO, and founder of Farm One. We talk about building indoor farms, how to sell to chefs, and making farming accessible and transparent. Learn more at