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Welcome to Marcus Whitney’s Audio Universe! I have various shows that I publish on my podcast, so when you subscribe you will get access to all of the shows. The topics are always around Creative Power’s™ pillars of Wellbeing, Innovation, Drive, and Entrepreneurship. Shows include Marcus Whitney LIVE, The #CreativePower Hour, Coffee and Content, and Practicing Purpose.  Marcus Whitney’s Audio Universe is available on iTunesGoogle PodcastsSpotifyiHeartRadioTuneIn and Soundcloud!

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E140: The Life of a Nomad Doctor with Dr. Mary Fleming – MWL #72

My guest today on #MWL is the NOMAD OBGYN, Dr. Mary Fleming. Dr. Fleming shares how she travels the world practicing medicine and helping to close health disparities but does so without having a true home base.

E139: Crafting the Irresistible Idea with Tamsen Webster – #MWL 71

My guest today on #MWL is keynote speaker and business strategist, Tamsen Webster. Tamsen shares how 20 years in marketing, 4 years as a TEDx Executive Producer, and being a Weight Watchers leader, gave her the keys to a simple way to change how…

E138: Tap Into Your Inner Warrior with Nile Harris – #MWL 70

My guest today on #MWL is speaker and coach, Nile Harris. Nile and I discuss why entrepreneurs and leaders need to tap into their warrior spirit, and how they can do it effectively.

E137: How to Become Superhuman with Dave Whitley – #MWL 69

Today on the show my guest is author and certified Strongman, Dave Whitley. Dave and I discuss how he became one of the strongest people on Earth, what he has learned about mastering your mind, and how everyone can unlock the superhuman within them.

E136: Impact Investing and Servant Leadership with Rachel Gerrol – #MWL 68

Today on #MWL my guest is Rachel Gerrol, Co-Founder and CEO of NEXUS. We will talk about the momentum around Impact Investing, Social Entrepreneurship as well as the innovation she and her team have led as an organization that convenes people around…

E135: Being Big Enough with Lee LeFever – #MWL 67

Today on #MWL my guest is Lee LeFever, founder of CommonCraft! We talk about the video explainer that he pioneered, and his new book, BIG ENOUGH.

E134: The Importance of Seeing Yourself with Karen Okonkwo – #MWL 66

Today on #MWL my guest is Karen Okonkwo, Co-Founder of TONL. We talk about the need for innovation in the stock photo space to make sure that all people can see themselves in marketing.

E133: Becoming a Mindful Cyborg with Chris Dancy – #MWL 65

Today on #MWL my guest is the world’s most connected man, Chris Dancy. Chris and I are talking about what a Mindful Cyborg is and a bunch of other fun topics.

E132: A Primer on China with Jeremy Goldkorn – #MWL 64

Today on #MWL my friend Jeremy Goldkorn, Editor-In-Chief of SupChina joins the show. And we talk China! Business, politics, and the history of the issues in Hong Kong.