Experience Mental Health

Hosted ByEric the Counselor & Dez Perry

The Experience Mental Health Podcast is a show about changing the perspective of mental health and removing the dark cloud that hangs over the topic. Hosted by Eric The Counselor and Dez Perry. The purpose of the show is to help break down mental health stigmas and teach coping skills in a fun, entertaining, and educational way. Come Experience Mental Health with Us!

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In this episode, Eric and Dez chat with co-collaborators of the Inner Me Retreat, an event that will guide you in connecting with your inner child, practice grounding with your present self, and exploring your future self through group processing,…


In this episode, Eric and Dez chat with Rivera Peoples, a man sentenced to life in prison since the age of 18. Rivera dives in on prison reform, dealing with COVID-19 in prison, and also fatherhood.

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S3 | 08 | Experiencing Traumatic Injuries

Eric and Dez chat with social media influencer Joe Major about his experience in a recent moped injury. He explains how his injury has effected him mentally and what steps he is taking on his road to recovery.

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S3 | 07 | PTSD – Perseverance Through Severe Dysfunction

On this episode, Eric and Dez chat with entrepreneur, philanthropist, mental health advocate, and social activist Reggie Ford. They discuss Reggie’s new book ‚ÄúPerseverance Through Severe Dysfunction: Breaking the Curse of Intergenerational Trauma as a…

S3 | 06 | When Outside Opens Back Up

There is a lot of anxiety built around the world opening back up, now that COVID is somewhat slowing down. Dez and Eric chat about the feelings some may have to being amongst crowds of people again.

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EMH For Black Men with Legendary Nashville Coaches

This is a live broadcast of the Experiencing Mental Health for Black Men event. On this show we chat with Coach Carlton Battle, Coach Avery Patton, Coach Brian “Penny” Collins, and Legendary Coach Maurice Fitzgerald about how they assist their student…

S3 | 05 | Does Parenting Ever End?

A parent’s job can be challenging but fulfilling. Dez and Eric chat about does the role of a parent ever end?

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S3 | 04 | What’s Your Personality Type?

Eric & Dez dive into the well known Myers & Briggs personality test, to find the history behind it. As well as find out what their own personality is.

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S3 | 03 | Mental Health Music

Mental Health is incorporated in everything we do, especially music. Dez and Eric break down the lyrics to some of the most popular songs in black culture, and dive into the mental health connections to them.

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