Deeper Than the Diet

Hosted ByDemetris Chaney Perkins & Yunetta Spring

Do you struggle with understanding how to cultivate a healthy relationship with food? Has the pandemic fertilized some of your buried experiences bringing your trauma to the surface? Do you feel like a “failure” in your countless attempts to “control” your weight and emotions? We know the ups and downs of getting our health and wellness on track can be exhausting.

Join Certified Nutrition Coach and Master of Science in Psychology, Demetris Chaney Perkins and Certified EMDR Therapist ,Yunetta Spring as they go on a journey to break ground together. This weekly conversation explores the impact of trauma and its influence on your choices and emotions throughout your wellness journey.

“Deeper than the Diet” is a real conversation that goes beyond the surface to address the core issues connected to your wellness struggles. Get comfortable in your favorite spot because we are about to get a little uncomfortable. Let’s go “Deeper than the Diet” together.

Deeper than the diet does not substitute a relationship with a nutritionist or therapist. Please consult with your personal professional before implementing any life changes.

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Season 2 Episode 8 How to Know if EMDR Therapy is right for you

Who is the best fit for EMDR Therapy? According to EMDR certified therapist, Yunetta Spring, anyone (but more specifically those who have negative experiences from their past that are impacting their present and stand to impact their future). Whether…

Season 2 Episode 7 with Personal Trainer Nicole Donaldson gets vunerable sharing her fit mom jouney.

What is one thing your fitness coach wants you to know? According to NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Nicole Donaldson, fitness coaches are on your side. Whether you are coming from a vulnerable place or a place of confidence, they are here to…

Season 2 Episode 6 with Financial Expert T.Ray Greer on Faith, Finances, and Family.

What is the biggest problem among married couples? According to licensed insurance agent T Ray Greer, it’s avoiding or having a conversation about finances. In this episode, T Ray talks about the importance of financial communication and literacy….

Season 2 Episode 5 with EMDR Trainer George Tabb mind and body connection.

Would you consider mental and physical health separate from one another? According to licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) George Tabb, the mind and body are one. In this episode, George shares with us how his love for taking care of his physical…

Season 2 Episode 4 Yunetta’s Journey to becoming a Certified EMDR Therapist & Approved Consultant

What is EMDR therapy? Why is it popular? According to Licensed Professional Counselor Yunetta Spring, it is a growing treatment approach that uses eye movements to help the body desensitize and reprocess distressing events, memories, and trauma….

Season 2 Episode 3 The Best Diet for People 40 years Old and Older

As you age, are you finding it difficult to lose weight? Do you have low energy, increased body fat, increased belly bloat, and decreased muscle mass? If that’s you, tune in to this episode of Deeper Than The Diet! Yunetta interviews Certified…

Season 2 Episode 2 Deeper Than The Diet

Around this time of the year many people are interested in making BIG changes in the physical health and mental health. In this episode we discuss the most effective ways to begin your fitness journey including: establishing your ‘why’, setting you…

Season 2 Episode 1″Back and Ready to Work!”

In this Episode of “Deeper than the Diet” Yunetta and Demetris are recapping last season. Exploring their favorite episodes, most difficult episodes and how they were impacted by the show. They also discuss what they have been doing during the break…

Join us on February 6th for the beginning of season 2!

This season we will have several guests on talking about women’s health, mens health, diabetes, medications, hormones, workouts for best results, mental illness, relationships, communication and much more! Get ready for season 2 because we will…