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What is the biggest barrier when it comes to dieting? According to a registered dietitian and the owner of Defy Nutrition, Mary-Catherine, it’s our very strict lifestyle with food. From a young age, we are taught to associate food with good and bad things. She believes that it is possible to have a good relationship with food, without guilt.

Mary-Catherine is a registered dietitian and the owner of Defy Nutrition. She started her career working while simultaneously earning her Master’s in Public Health. Helps people repair their relationships with food and learn how to eat like humans again. She is passionate about making nutrition easy, fun, and sustainable. In her free time, she loves being active and exploring the outdoors with her husband and their dogs.

Tune into this week’s episode of “Deeper than the Diet” to hear more about the barriers and structures of diets, how Mary-Catherine’s view on mental and physical health has changed as she grew older, and the importance of challenging your food beliefs.

The biggest barrier is that we find comfort in this very strict lifestyle. One is either doing it or we’re not doing it. And from a young age, we assign moral values to food. (07:22-7:30)
Going through all these issues with body image it came down to what does my body look like and what does the scale say. And now, I encourage my clients to throw away the scale. Let’s focus instead on how do you feel, how’s your energy level, and how are your clothes fit. And really focusing on those aspects instead of those absolute numbers. (11:49-12:16)
“Growing up with mental health meant you hand an issue. Now mental health is how are you supporting your emotional wellbeing. It’s just a disease, but how are you being proactive and supporting your wellbeing.” (12:36-12:49)
“I love helping those people to understand how do we rewire your brain. Basically undo everything that has been done by diet culture and rewire it moving forward.” (14:00-14;11)
“(food) Doesn’t have to be your enemy. You can come to a place where you’re not always intimidated or feeling guilty about food. And that place is so rewarding.” (25:54-26:03)

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