Who is the best fit for EMDR Therapy? According to EMDR certified therapist, Yunetta Spring, anyone (but more specifically those who have negative experiences from their past that are impacting their present and stand to impact their future). Whether you are having difficulty maintaining or forming healthy relationships, self-esteem issues, grief issues or struggling to progress professionally, EMDR Therapy may be for you.

Tune into this week’s episode of “Deeper than the Diet” to hear more on how EMDR therapy may help you progress and move through those things that keep you stagnant.

“If it’s upsetting to you, if it’s distressing to you, even if it’s something somebody would consider to be a small occurrence, but it happens continuously and repetitively, it can create a strong and lasting impact.” (5:25-5:42)
“Our body naturally processes and heals on its own.” (16:14-16:20)
“If you were to cut yourself, your body is going to naturally do what it needs to do to service that injury and trauma is an emotional wound and your body want to heal that emotional wound.” (16:25-16:41)
“EMDR is for that person that feels stuck and find themselves in this cycle in their relationships where they find themselves dating the same type of person over and over again, or in a cycle with friendships or with family members…or people who have a hard time dealing with past events. ” (10:45-11:05)

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