Yunetta and Demetris recap day 3 of their empowering speaking engagement with Pastor Trent. On day 3, they highlighted the relationship between spirituality and trauma.

Trauma can show itself in many forms, but spiritual trauma is often under-addressed and overlooked. In most cases, individuals who are consistent attendees of their place of worship are often misled about the coexistence of spirituality and therapy. Yunetta and Demetris are there to inform you that therapy and worship should not have conflicting relationships but work together to fuel each other to make you a person that is more than your trauma.

Tune into this week’s episode of “Deeper than the Diet” to hear more about Demetris’s relationship with the term “preacher’s kid”, how to work through church trauma, and how past traumas filter your current reality.

“Even though the platform looked a little different where I stood to speak, I did not have to abandon all that I have learned along the way and all that God has done in me and through me. (4:04-4:43)
“When you were able to be released from that idea that my life has to look like the examples that I’ve had before, I have to do things the same way they were done before me. You realize that your calling is updated. (6:57-7:13)
“That’s why it’s so powerful for pastors and ministers and people like that to get on board about the importance of spiritual health.”(13:00-13:14)
“You mean I wasn’t always like this. You mean there’s a version of me that exists where I’m not in pain? Where is that? That’s where we drive people back to God. Hey, you need God and you also need a therapist to help you pull back those layers. (15:50-16:12)
“Your template of how you see…everything filters through the lens of that belief. You don’t even know what you look like, feeling valuable and worthy and beautiful and accepted. You don’t know what that looks like because of your trauma.” (16:51-17:09)

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