What happens when “Deeper than the Diet” comes to life? According to Yunetta and Demetris, it turns into a weekend of reflecting and empowerment. Demetris and Yunetta both grew up in the church and understand all too well the deep trauma that is often masked by religion and faith. Their desire to take this message of hope and healing into a religious setting and provide practical strategies for how to move forward in healing process was realized.

During their week off of the podcast, Demetris and Yunetta had the privilege of speaking in Pittsburg at The Lighthouse Church. This was a 3 day weekend which included one night with the youth, another day with the women and their daughters and the final day with the entire congregation. During this powerful weekend, they spoke words of hope, self-encouragement and offered practical strategies to heal trauma and negative relationship with food. They even discussed the importance of knowing and acknowledging subconscious patterns within yourself and your relationships.

Tune into this week’s episode of “Deeper than the Diet” to hear more about Yunetta and Demetrias’s speaking engagement weekend, colorism and microaggressions growing up as black women, and seeing the purpose of their podcast come to life.

“You are accepted. Just like you are. Unconditionally. God loves you right now, how you are.”(5:02-5:09)
We just have to make sure that the messages we are sending our young people, or people period, are messages that don’t make them feel-less than.” (13:43-13:58)
“Texture is your hair. How your hair matches European standards versus being more coily or kinky. However you chose to wear it. So all of those things are ingrained in us and they can create trauma.” (11:39-12:09)
Them (mothers) being able to see ‘I didn’t get this’ or ‘This is how I dealt with things or how I cope’. I’m just trying to do the best I can to teach something different. It’s hard to teach something that you have learned or you’re not aware of.” (23:45-24:02)
It’s a good way to check in with yourself. Is this killing your spirit, is it killing your joy, is it destroying your vision, or is your dream. If it’s doing those things, it isn’t for you.” (29:04-29:17)

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