Season 2 Episode 10 Understand the Power of Physical Therapy with Dr. Tameka Duncan

Dr. Tameka Duncan is a Physical Therapist and the owner of “Vitality Sport & Rehab”, a physical therapy practice located in Clarksville, Tennessee. Dr. Duncan’s practice focuses on recovery and injury prevention. She is also a former bikini competitor and athlete. She prides herself on being a physical therapist who reaches back to help other minority physical therapists achieve their goals in this career field. Dr. Duncan has a passion to help people heal both physically and mentally and strives to provide holistic care that foster those goals. Tune into this week’s episode of “Deeper than the Diet” to hear more about Dr. Duncan’s journey to becoming a physical therapist and how physical therapy can be the catalyst to aid in both physical and mental health.

“Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession that helps to rehabilitate anyone who has sustained any type of injury or trauma.” (13:20-14:00)
As a physical therapist, yes. I am skilled to help people get better. But you also have to have a level of patience, compassion and be a motivator because people aren’t just coming to see me willingly. I didn’t just purposefully get into a car accident, break my back….They were living life and now all of a sudden, I am unable to do what I need to do. Not only do you have this ailment that you have to recover from but you also have to think about how it impacts someone mentally.” (14:15-15:07)
“If you’re the sole provider, just thinking about how that could impact someone from a financial standpoint, their self-esteem, someone could be depressed if you’re suffering from chronic pain. That all plays a role in what’s going on with us mentally.” (15:10-15:26)
“I am quick to check in with my patience and see where they are emotionally and referring them to a counselor if needed to help bridge the gap.” (15:40-16:00)
“I had a really rough week and one of my patients randomly brought me some flowers. It was special as a walked those flowers over to me. So to see him actually achieve some functional goals and it felt like God just gave me a kiss on the cheek like girl, I see you. I got you. You know what I mean.” (20:00-22:20)

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