Singer/Songwriter, Kyndle Wylde tells us her story of pushing through tough times and discovering herself. She discusses the moment her dream turned into a goal. On a mission to achieve success, she talks about the importance of immersing herself in the music industry and how telling her story through music was a pivotal moment in her career.

Gospel-raised in tiny Bolivar, Tennessee, singer/songwriter Kyndle Wylde has a voice that has demanded attention since she started singing in her crib. Moving to Memphis as a teenager, her voice and harmonies quickly made her an in-demand singer onstage and in studio. Continuing her musical journey, she was based in Nashville when the pandemic hit. Denied her performing outlet, she dug deep, and the songwriting that had always been a sideline became a mission. Acclaimed for her singing since she’d first stood in front of an audience, she discovered a new voice inside her. The result is Kyndle Wylde and a six-song sonic Polaroid of who she is at this moment in the life of an artist in motion. EP release date to be announced. The lead single off her project is “LIKE YOU USED TO”.

Kyndle Wylde

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Eboné Merrimon
Brian Sexton
Lonnell Matthews

Music Producer: A.B. Eastwoood
Creative Producer: Kamilah Sanders

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