If you’re over 40 and are stuck with how to move forward or simply want to move forward with more intention, these next 2 episodes are for you! Samara Stone is an entrepreneur and a mentor to other entrepreneurs. “Be Full Grown” is one of her businesses that focuses on helping women over 40 navigate the 2nd half of their lives with more confidence and more of a focus on themselves. Demetris and Yunetta engage in a powerful conversation with Samara about practical principles women can take to make this second half of life the best half of life! Enjoy!

” Have you ever been on a roller coaster? What part of the ride is the fun part? The downhill part”6:38.
“This body is shifting and changing…none of us get out of here alive. it’s what we do with the process of aging that makes a difference.” 6:53
“Yes, it’s important what you eat. But it’s also important to be happy.”7:00
“Once you start reversing the bitterness, resentment and lost dreams, it’s like a Benjamin Button moment.”7:20
“The experience of life gets better once you know a few things about yourself.” 7:30
“People who are happiest in their 60’s are people who were brave enough to make changes in their lives when things weren’t going the way they’d imagined.”
“Give yourself space and time to grow without judging yourself.”
“Some people buy into the notion that my time has past. I wasted my opportunity.”10:57
“Worst case scenario-lets say it doesn’t go the way we planned. You’re not going to die. You can always go back edit, update, shift, change , make adjustments and grow .”15:11
“Sometimes we punish ourselves for decisions when we didn’t know better. Well now that you know better, do better .”11:05

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