LOVE & SUCCESS: A BLACK LOVE STORY | Isaac Addae & Lakisha L. Simmons | S 2 Ep 7

We have another great episode featuring the thriving power couple Isaac Addae & Lakisha L. Simmons. Isaac Addae & Lakisha Simmons go into detail on how they met each other, how they developed a strong bond and friendship, and most importantly how they support and encourage each other in their projects. Your favorite host, Bill McCleskey, asks the gorgeous couple how they utilize social media and how it plays a part in growing their individual projects.

Isaac Y. Addae, PhD is a first-generation Ghanaian American, educator, social engineer & change agent dedicated to shifting the trajectory of individuals, communities & organizations. Isaac was an Assistant Professor of Business Administration in the College of Business at Tennessee State University (TSU). While there he conducted research in social entrepreneurship and taught courses in business strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. He currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer of Pivot Technology School, where he fosters relationships to further the organization’s mission of training minorities for technology careers, and as Managing Partner at HBCU Impact Capital, a hybrid venture studio and micro private equity firm. Isaac Addae also recently l release his book, Black Boy Fly: Embracing My Ancestry, Blackness & Purpose in the African Diaspora, now available to purchase where all books are sold ———–

Dr. Lakisha L. Simmons (affectionately known as Dr. Kisha) is an award-winning and highly sought-after international speaker, workshop facilitator, and financial literacy spokeswoman. She is the founder of BRAVE Consulting, a women’s empowerment firm focused on goal setting, soft leadership skills, and financial freedom. She touches thousands of women’s lives through her platform, AchieveHer. She has appeared across all top media channels and outlets, including Good Morning America, Business Insider, and PEOPLE Magazine | for her women’s empowerment work and saving over $750,000 in four years. She is the author of The Unlikely AchieveHer soft skills workbook and co-author of Divorced: 7 Keys to Making it Through Your Parents Divorce with her adolescent son. She was an accomplished professor before retiring at age 41 with over 40 peer-reviewed scholarly works. When she received tenure in 2017, she was one of only 51 female African-American Information Systems business school professors in the U.S. She’s overcome many obstacles from childhood trauma to divorce.

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