In this episode of “Deeper than the Diet” a weekly conversation on the connection between emotional eating and trauma. Yunetta and Demetris share the intimate details of their personal stories on a deeper level. In part two of “Know Your History” Yunetta takes a deep dive into her abandonment trauma rooted in never knowing her biological father. Yunetta expresses how she allowed her need to keep people close has silenced her for years. While causing her to be very skilled at making sure everyone else was OK even at the expense of her own emotional state. As a Thera-Human Yunetta talks about how doing the emotional work with EMDR Therapy has helped her to develop as a person and clinician. By continuously digging deep and exploring her needs and desires she finally gave herself permission to seek a relationship with her paternal side of the family. Learning that it’s not disloyal to take care of your emotional needs.

This is another episode you don’t want to miss!!! Get in your comfortable spot because we are about to go Deeper.

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