*** This episode contains a sensitive conversation discussing emotional and sexual abuse. If you are in the presence of small children or sensitive ears you may want to pause or postpone listening to this episode. If you feel triggered by this episode, we invite you to consider processing your experience with a licensed professional. Check out the show notes to find resources and a licensed therapist near you***

In this episode, “Know your history” Yunetta and Demetris share the intimate details of their personal stories on a deeper level. In part one of “Know Your history” Demetris takes a deep dive into how being molested, bullied, and raped has impacted her life. Exploring fears and reservations in friendships, business, marriage, and being transparent about her challenges with intimacy. Don’t worry she won’t leave us hanging! Demetris also opens up and shares her powerful journey towards healing and forgiveness.
This is an episode you don’t want to miss!!! Get in your comfortable spot because we may get a little uncomfortable. Let’s Go “Deeper than the Diet” together.

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“Flat Belly Food Guide” or “What’s Eating You?” at https://j2fitnutrition.com/services
“Take the Struggle Out of Self-Care – 6 weeks to create your self-care strategy” at https://payhip.com/groundbreakers
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