On this episode artist Omari Booker explores how his experiences with the biases of the criminal justice system shaped his current work and what he cares about. We talk about the influence of hip hop on his life and the gift of being an artist for a living.  
Omari Booker takes a process-oriented approach to his art, embracing it as a therapeutic modality through which he is able to express his passion for the freedom and independence that the creative process allows him to experience. The philosophy that undergirds Omari’s work is FREEDOM THROUGH ART and he aspires to create work that communicates to his audience their unique and intrinsic ability to be free. Learn more at https://omaribooker.com/

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During “Class is in Session” our weekend bartender, Dee, explores elements of a fine cocktail and introduces the crew to the Mezcal Old Fashioned.

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