“Coding and programming are becoming more and more popular amongst children worldwide. Programming is now a popular pastime, with so many kids being introduced to coding through games and platforms such as Minecraft and Roblox. With the sudden spike of interest in the subject from kids of all ages, parents, and schools are increasing their attention on the subject, as coding is so relevant to kids’ futures.”
– FunTech Blog

In this episode, our favorite host, Bill McCleskey, and co-host, Karen Williams from Mitech Agency, talk with Phil Henry of CodeX Academy. Phil Henry talks about the struggles he faced on his road to becoming an entrepreneur and his past career working in the entertainment business.

Phil Henry is a native of Nashville and has a career in entrepreneurship and technology. Phil is dedicated to helping combat poverty by providing a path of significant economic advancement for individuals through access to quality training, resources and an extensive network of mentors and employers in the tech field.

CodeX is an online software development school that takes a different approach to training and developing our students. We specialize in mentoring and internships. In CodeX’ short time of being in business. We’ve seen nearly 200 students come to the programs with an over 90% hire rate within the first 30 days of graduating from the program. CodeX has been able to have some of the most well-known companies as hiring partners such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Moveable Ink, Frontier Airlines, and more!

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