Look there! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, its Carlin J. Alford the man who’s done it all!!!”

In this episode, we have the man himself Carlin J. Alford of Alfco Wireless Consulting. Carlin has a conversation with our favorite podcast host, Bill McCleskey, about his many occupations as a pro basketball player and baseball player, music artist manager, Race car driver, his experience with the horrific events of the 9/11 bombing, and running for mayor of Nashville?! He literally has done it all!

Carling J. Alford also shares how, after all of his exciting past ventures, he stares his own technology company, Alfco Wireless Consulting. Carlin Alford is a technology industry professional with high-level contacts in all major carriers and wireless business solutions providers. His company, Alfco Wireless Consulting, is responsible for building services and strategies to maximize sales opportunities in an indirect environment.

Provider of recycling services for wireless devices and end of life cycle data security solutions. ALFCO Wireless is focused on helping companies plan for and manage logistics for device upgrades, migrations from one wireless carrier to another, destroy data on end of life cycle devices and asset value assessment. While ALFCO wireless is focused on Enterprise, Corporate Liable assets the company can provide services for a minimum of 10 devices with resources past 10,000+ devices. Shipping and Data destruction are always FREE of charge and custom online portals are available with no commitment or contract. ALFCO also provides Mobility Management consulting and referral sales for other Mobility vendors and third parties.

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