Did you grow up hearing the warning ” Eating raw cookie dough will make you sick”? If you didn’t then you certainly have been living under a rock. For decades eating raw cookies was deemed harmful and was only done by a handful of sly and mischievous children and sometimes adults. In today’s age eating cookie dough is a new fun trend.

In this episode, we have cookie dough specialist, Jimmy Feeman of the popular NoBaked Cookie Dough, who sit down with our favorite TechDontSleep Host, Bill McCleskey. Jimmy helps Bill get hip on the cookie dough trend by going into detail on how his wife, Megan Feeman, started NoBaked and how they both followed their entrepreneur insights to make the company as great as it is today.

In early 2017, Megan Feeman began making NoBaked Cookie Dough in Nashville, TN. The first scoop shop opened in the Fall of 2017, with more to follow- across 4 different states. Since then, Megan and her husband, Jimmy, along with their team, have been shipping cookie dough all over the United States. NoBaked is cookie dough that you can eat AND bake. It’s prepackaged in a jar but tastes like you just made it in your own kitchen & are eating it straight out of the bowl. Made with ingredients that leave no bitter taste in your mouth, their safe-to-eat cookie dough is one that actually tastes good. Their delicious product combined with their relatable brand is something you won’t find in your local grocery store.

Megan Feeman is the CEO and Founder of NoBaked Cookie Dough. Her mission is to give the world the most delicious cookie dough they’ve ever had and show the world that raw cookie dough CAN be a good and tasty snack! Jimmy Feeman is the Co-Founder and Cheif Strategy Officer for NoBaked. A few years ago my Jimmy joined his wife in deciding to quit their jobs and make cookie dough for a living. Now instead of punching the clock at a normal 9-5 office job, he spends his days building a company that embraces the entrepreneur. spirit. He has made it his responsibility to make sure NoBaked Cookie Dough is made with the best ingredients possible that taste delicious.

– NoBaked Cookie Dough
1200 Villa Place
Nashville, TN 37212

Broadway Place – Assembly Food Court
Nashville, TN 37203

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