We’re not going to hold you on this one. Mrs. Sheryl Lee Ralph!! We’re giving her a standing ovation from our home studios. We STAN!! The black girl magic on the 2022 #Emmys was just… legit everything.🤌🏽 PSA: We don’t honor a-n-y-o-n-e trying to steal their moments or shine. Make your “jokes” on your own damn time. Periodt.
OK. Back to the regularly scheduled program: Dope friends, do you code switch at work or in other places? Have you overshared any cultural sayings and regretted them immediately? Drop us a line and proverbially whisper what you said in our ear. We can keep a secret… LOL no we can’t. But we’re all friends here.
After admiration and a quick chuckle, we have serious questions about current concerning events. You know, #balance. In a crazy world, why are some people #victim-shaming a woman, teacher, mom, and wife who went jogging early in the morning in #Memphis?? When can people go about their lives? Can someone point us to the memo that tells everyone when to do what we need to do to thrive AND be #safe? I mean… come on, folks. Stop blaming victims in their own space for doing what they felt they should be safe doing. It’s not OK to blame victims. Ever. In my full grandma voice, “Cut it out, before I come in there.” Our hearts go out to Memphis and all of the families of the other missing young women and Eliza’s family. Real people are grieving the pain and loss of loved ones in every city. And the real truth is women should be safe to mind their business, jog, walk, shop, sing, dance, work, live, love, and be. We need to agree to be more compassionate. Can we shake on that? 🤝🏼 Aight now. We’re going to hold you to that.

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