Month: April 2021

Black Enough: Who Decides Our Racial Identity?

In this episode we explore the ways ideas about racial identity are often imposed on people of color by both Black and white society. Country artist Larysa Jaye shares her experience as an African American performer in an unusual genre….

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Food Dope with Executive Chef Mikery Hatfield

This episode of Food Dope features Executive Chef Mikery Hatfield, CEO of Next Level Events based in Los Angeles, CA. We talk self-reliance, hustle, Cut-Throat Kitchen and West Coast Hip-Hop history. He recalls legendary names like Uncle Jam’s Army,…

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That Part 29 w/ JOLO…You’re My Ikigai (Reason For Living)

In this episode of YAIN That Part, Jo & Lo follow up their interview with Kenon Ewing & Trisha Alicia and further explore the concept of purpose in our relationships. Our host couple breakdown the concept of Ikigai and discuss 4 tips to help you find…

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Remembering DMX, Kid Cudi wears a Dress on SNL, Is Cardi B a Terrible Rapper, Usher Bucks

Comedian “Jay Smith” joins R3D’s View to discuss hot topics including: The passing of DMX, Kid Cudi wearing a Dress on SNL, Cardi B, Usher and more!

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Sometimes It Snows In April

On the 5th anniversary of Prince’s untimely death, Team Scenario celebrates his music in a freestyle episode featuring the founder of The Black Male Archives, Rodney Freeman and the host of TruTalks Podcast, Tranyce Bryant.

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…Introducing Being the Balance Podcast w/ Shari & Callie

This week we are breaking from our normal programming to introduce one of the newest members of the GreatConvo Media family of shows, Being the Balance Podcast. Lo was interviewed on their podcast’s most recent episode titled “Cheers to protecting our…

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FoodDope in Vegas with Personal Chef Charles Bell

On this episode of FoodDope, we are on location in Las Vegas. Personal Chef Charles Bell, aka Wolfgang Chuck, joins us to discuss his culinary prowess inspired from his hometown of New Orleans, and how the city has changed. He made the move to Las…

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S3 | 05 | Does Parenting Ever End?

A parent’s job can be challenging but fulfilling. Dez and Eric chat about does the role of a parent ever end?

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