Month: December 2020

BEST OF 2020: What we LOVED What we HATED, Young Thug more hits than Jay-Z?, Master P buying Reebok?

Join us for the 3rd Annual “Year End Wrap Up” for R3D’s View! We discuss our “Best of 2020” from albums, songs, rappers, movies, and more!

Thank you for everyone who’s been rocking with us the whole year!



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At the intersection of Classic Hip-Hop and Culinary Arts, is FoodDope. The new Podcast mixing conversations with Hip-Hop inspired Executive Chefs, Restaurateurs, and Food Influencers with classic Hip-Hop recipes for making the perfect plate. Hosted by…

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Lil Wayne the Most Influential Rapper Ever?, Lizzo weight loss backlash, Eminem MTBMB Side B Review

How much has Lil Wayne influenced the culture? Does everyone sound like him? Also why is Lizzo receiving backlash for her weight loss? We answer it all plus more on this weeks episode of R3D’s View!



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S1 E6: Cheers to the Legend E-40, Pt. 1

In Part 1 of this two-part interview, we locked-in with the legendary E-40 as he explores his creative journey. He talks about living the hustle and switching from being known for his music to being a household name. E-40 discusses how he used his…

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Secure the Bag-Acquiring Businesses feat Deddrick Perry

I was completely honored to interview business tycoon Deddrick Perry. We discuss the process of acquiring businesses and what he looks for in deals. He gives you some strategy on how you can do the same. He also discuss his lending business and ways…

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S2 | 29 | The Wives Episode

The long anticipated episode is here!! Eric and Dez finally sit down and chat with their wives for a new monthly segment on EMH. Tifinie Capehart and Jacque Perry, introduce themselves and take dive in a few topics such as, what does marriage mean to…

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👋🏽 Goodbye, 2020!! Lessons learned & looking ahead to 2021

We’re happily bidding 2020 adieu as we share Christmas plans, memories of Santa, lessons learned and an inspiring interview with a dope friend. Donnie Curtis, Founder of Soul Programs, and his team are mentoring the youth and providing safe spaces for…

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Pretty Boy Swag ( Ft The Cool Out Corner Podcast)

This week on the 8 More Than 92 Podcast, Harrison and Banks welcome on  Big L and Pork from the Cool Out Corner Podcast to discuss the results from the Versus Battle, who should be doing the next one, what new music are we bumping, and How it’s time…

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