Month: November 2020

That Part 15 w/ JOLO…When Will I See You Smile Again?

On this episode of YAIN That Part, Lo and Jo discuss a recent argument that was sparked by Lo’s pettiness he discussed back on the “Petty” episode. After some reflection and devotion this week, Lo brings his apology to the podcast and offers others…

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WTM Episodes S2 E20- Redlining Murdered the Inner City

The WTM team spends time with Birmingham, AL native, and real estate developer Brian Rice. Rice shares his story of struggle revitalizing the neighborhood of Ensley, Alabama. This episode highlights the ongoing effects of redlining, as black…

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S2 | 26 | The Mind of A GEN-Z-ER

In today’s episode, Eric & Dez sit down with Eric’s oldest niece Thailiyah Williams. Born in 2002 which makes her a Generation Z baby. Now 19 years old, Eric and Dez chat about mental health from a Gen-Z’s perspective. They dive into the pressure she…

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Eff Sitting At Their Table, Ours Has Seasoning ( Ft Bro. Abdul Haqq Muhammad)

This week on another episode of the 8 More Than 92 Podcast Harrison & Banks welcome Bro. Abdul Haqq Muhammad to touch on The Hon. Minister Louis Farrakhan’s 4th of July speech, vaccines, social media censorship, VladTV, self reliance, and Versuz…

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Gucci vs Jeezy, ALBUM REVIEWS: Megan Thee Stallion, Jeezy, and 2 Chainz, Fresh Prince Reunion

Join Jay-R3D & DJ PM as they discuss the Jeezy vs Gucci battle, review recent albums from: 2 Chainz, Jeezy, and Megan Thee Stallion. Also the review of the Fresh Prince Reunion!



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S1 E4: Here, Here to Eric Holt

Reminiscing on the days of Love Jones and Bar Car – we welcome professor, entrepreneur, and public speaker, Eric Holt. We talk about defying limits and turning nos into clients through the lessons of patience. Get insight on the impact of Covid-19 on…

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That Part 14 w/ JOLO…Living Single, Pt. 3

In this episode of That Part you can check out part 3 of a series we are calling Living Single. Jo & Lo are interviewed by Whitney Jenkins, the founder of Living Single in Nashville. In the final part of the Living Single interview, they discuss the…

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Secure the Bag-Strategies for Small Business Owners feat Isaac Addae

On this episode we discuss business strategies with Business Professor/Strategist and Entrepreneur Isaac Addae. We laid out some keys that small businesses can focus on to close out the year. If you own a business or thinking about starting one, this…

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I’m Josh Saying Moment-Divine Perspective

If you have been locked in with my podcast you know I have these “I’m Josh Saying Moments”. Those moments take place when a guest shares some knowledge and information worth repeating. Well through out the week I will be sharing insights that will…

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S2 | 25 | GRIEF

In this episode Eric and Dez discuss a recent killing in Nashville of a community activist and businessman Rasheed Walker. You will learn to identify the stages of grief and ways to overcome a depressed mood.

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