Month: September 2020

E130: The Beautiful Game and The Diaspora with Drake Hills – #MWL 62

Today on #MWL my guest is Drake Hills, beat writer for Nashville SC at The Tennessean / USA Today. We talk about soccer, the Black experience in soccer in America, and how times are changing.

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E129: Fatherhood is One Helluva Drug with Aaron McGee – #MWL 61

Today on #MWL my guest is Aaron McGee, creator and host of Fatherhood is Dope. Aaron shares with us the importance of building a community of fathers both within the social media space and in real life.

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Only Eddie Can Shoot a Woman (Ft. Sistas and Sauvignon)

This week on the 8 More Than 92 Podcast Harrison & Banks invite @sistasandsauvignon on to discuss Meg Thee Stallion-Tory Lanez issue,  the worst thing done to protect an ex, should we move on from crucifying Chris Brown?, does it STAY down in the DM?,…

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