In our finale episode of season one, the D.A.M. crew connects with Daynise Joseph. Hailing from Nashville, TN, Daynise’s background includes grassroots social justice leadership, nonprofit development, and corporate social responsibility. She specializes in connecting companies, nonprofits, and government leaders with the community in authentic ways.

In this final episode, Daynise takes us into her passion for Web3.0 and her desire to connect the community to Blockchain Technology. Daynise continues her work in social justice by often lending her expertise to advance the issues of affordable housing, public transportation, civic engagement, mass incarceration, education, leadership development, and solutions for people living in poverty.

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Production – Penndusko (

The D.A.M. Crew – Brian Sexton (, Kamilah Sanders (, Ti Balogun ( Keith Holloway

Artwork – Douglas Christopher –

Executive Producer: SpreadLuv Productions for Great Convo Media

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